On October 6, 2021, Chiliz/Socios announced that it had agreed to issue a fan token with Sao Paulo FC, one of the most successful and largest clubs in Brazil. After the agreement, the number of fan token issuing clubs in Brazil is also increasing.
The official cryptocurrency of the Brazilian team Sao Paulo FC is called the Sao Paulo FC fan token. The Sao Paulo fan token was launched as an abbreviation of $SPFC.


What Does the Sao Paulo FC Fan Token Do?

The SPFC fan token serves to obtain the right to vote on club decisions, to win surprise gifts, to participate in fan chat rooms, to enjoy VIP privileges. $SPFC is also creating financing for Sao Paulo FC.

When Did the Sao Paulo FC Fan Token ($SPFC) Go on Pre-Sale?

The Sao Paulo FC token went on pre-sale on Socios on November 9, 2021. In the preliminary sale, where 50 purchases per person were allowed in the first round, all 850 thousand SPFC fan tokens could not be sold.

How Much is the Total Supply of Sao Paulo FC Fan Token (SPFC)?

The total supply of Sao Paulo FC fan token is 20 million units, not all of them have been released yet.

How to Buy $SPFC Token?

It’s pretty easy to buy $SPFC Tokens. It will be downloaded via Google Play Store or App Store Socios.com the $SPFC token can be easily purchased with the mobile application.

How to Buy SPFC Fan Tokens from Socios?

Download Socios, create a membership and perform your authentication processes.
Go to the place where the wallet is written on the main page of Socios.
Enter the amount you want to buy, buy CHZ.
After the CHZS are credited to the account, click on the place where the Market is written from the main page and click on the column called SPFC/CHZ.
Enter the number of SPFC tokens you want to buy from the Buy section.
The purchase order will be executed when it is time to process it, and you will have purchased the SPFC fan token.


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