It is a system that allows clubs and players to share their stories with fans and collect digital sports memories directly from athletes. What is Shirtum Coin ? How to Get a SHI Coin ? How much is a SHI Coin ?

What is Shirtum Coin?

Shirtum is a global marketplace of digital assets for clubs and players to share their stories with their fans and invite them to participate in collecting digital sports memorabilia directly from their idols. The goal of Shirtum is to empower athletes in a creative way and create a direct connection with their fans. They create the stories behind the most relevant moments of athletes’ careers and the special stories they explain. In addition, they have placed these contents on the NFT and created a marketplace where both crypto and FIAT users can collect and exchange these NFTs as they learn more about the players. In addition, users will be able to collect and exchange a limited number of tokens linked to each piece of memorabilia in a gallery created personally for users through the platform. The shirt will create a much stronger, direct connection between the player and thousands of fans than an image exchange, and the current value proposition of collectibles in the sports world will be significantly decalued.

What is the Total Supply of Shirtum Coins?

Shirtum Coin Total Supply: 749,000,000 SHI.

How to Get a SHI Coin ? How to buy a SHI Coin ?

When you decide to buy, you must first register directly with cryptocurrency trading sites. The first thing you will do after registering on one of these sites or sites is to authenticate. You need to upload your ID to the system in the form of a front-to-back. Some exchanges ask for selfies. This varies depending on the site where you will be registering.

Register exchange to buy Shirtum coin :