Hello everyone, in this blog, we want to talk about a secret gem project that has a very bright future. The recent rise and increase in interest in NFTs is quite talked about. The fees paid to NFTs have become a craze. The new shining star of the NFT sector is GameFi. GameFi games are Blockchain games based on the principle of win-win. The concept is that you earn virtual currency that can be attracted to a cryptocurrency exchange and exchanged for real money. Matrak Games looks like it will see the potential in this sector and become one of the successful gaming companies in the GameFi industry.

What is Matrak Games? What is Matrak Token?

Matrak is a win-win gaming platform aimed at increasing financial literacy, distributing the returns from the economic activities of decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols to players as a cash reward. it is a blockchain-based gaming platform that is especially won by people who are interested in investing in crypto currency as they play. The games include educational and entertainment aimed at improving the abilities of players who want to invest in crypto currency better, such as technical analysis, fundamental analysis and decentralized finance.

Opinions of the CEO of Matrak Games about the cooperation made:

As Matrak Games, we are entering the Digital Game market with a global size of $ 180 Billion as a blockchain-based domestic player from Turkey. We have long-term cooperation with Bitci.com Cryptocurrency Exchange. Bitci.com the cryptocurrency exchange takes a leading position in the supply of fan tokens from local cryptocurrency exchanges with its own blockchain network. We aim to become a global player in the GameFi sector that teaches financial literacy in a fun way by developing digital games with fan tokens and their NFTs in the Bitcoin ecosystem and making money as we play.

-Afsar Akal Matrak Games CEO

How and Where to buy Matrak Token?

You must register Bitci.com Exchange to buy MTRK Matrak Token. Register here >>> https://borsa.bitci.com/en-us/register

After logging in to the site, you can buy $MTRK tokens through the “Bitci” market.

The ways of using Matrak Tokens will begin in accordance with the roadmap after the projects and games begin to be used.

Check out the whitepaper to see more detailed information about Matrak Games project >>> CLICK HERE

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