Juventus Fan Token (JUV) is a fan token released in cooperation with Socios. The token, which allows fans of the football team Juventus to communicate more with their team, also offers various privileges to fans. It can be bought and sold with Chiliz, the crypto currency used by Socios, as well as traded with TL through exchanges.
The Juventus Fan Token is operated by Socios on a “side chain” in the Ethereum Blockchain and has a “utility token” feature.

Advantages of the Juventus Fan Token

Founded in 1897, Juventus, an important club in Italian football, has expanded its reputation outside of Italy with its achievements and has become a football club with fans around the world. The club has a large fan base and offers the following opportunities to its fans through the JUV token, in addition to the possibility of being part of a community of Juventus fans:
• The right to vote in polls through the application during the season
• Special discounts on official Juventus products
• The opportunity to be in the group that first learned about Juventus’ plans for the future
• How to earn free Juventus fan tokens
• VIP experience at the Socios Sky Box at Allianz Stadium
• Free match tickets for Serie A and Champions League home matches
• Guided tour of Allianz Stadium and access to private areas
• In addition, a signed original products, special invitations to events, official Juventus Juventus fan token holders to meet the players and team facilities to many different advantages.


What is Juventus Fan Token?

How Much is the Juventus Fan Token Supply

It is currently in circulation
The total supply of the Juventus Fan Token, of which there are pieces, is 20,000,000 JUV. Juventus Fan Token is a type of crypto currency that cannot be mined.

What is the Value of Juventus Fan Token?

The Juventus Fan Token is the lowest value he has ever seen at $1.86, while the highest value is $38.11.

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Juventus Coin Review

Juventus Coin reviews, which follow a strong team and its fans, look quite hopeful about 2021. There is uncertainty about the changes that will occur in relation to the coin price in question, which many investors follow instantaneously. A certain segment did not expect an increase in the long term, while a certain segment kept its eyes on what would happen after the match, which would take place tomorrow.

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