in 2013, in a post shared by a user named GameKyuubi on the Bitcointalk forum, “I’M HODLING!” he used the term “. This sharing has since become popular in the Crypto currency ecosystem during a serious decadence in the crypto exchange, and this has become one of the most important terms that we hear most often on the crypto currency exchange. What is Hodl ? What is the Purpose of Making Hodl?

What is Hodl?

If we look at the word meaning, we can perceive it as a synonym of the word Hold. There is no equivalent word in English. The aim of investors using this strategy is not to be affected by the instantaneous ups and downs of the markets. Without losing faith, the long term is that they think that their assets and investments will gain more value. Each investor has a unique strategy. Everyone trades according to their risk appetite. In this direction, some people make a spot transaction, others make a Hodl with a thought such as Forget about buy when trading Margin.