Ethereum is a system that was first introduced at the North American Bitcoin Conference by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. Although it is generally considered a subcoin status, Ethereum is essentially an innovative system aimed at the development of blockchain technology and its use in more areas.

Ethereum, in short, is a Crypto Operating System that uses the Ether (ETH) cryptocurrency as its power source. The purpose is to enable users to create new software on the blockchain system that they are connected to in Bitcoin through this system. Thanks to this freedom that Ethereum provides to users, it allows you to extract a lot of altcoins.
The purpose of the Ethereum system is to prevent the storage of information such as personal data by third parties and their use for different purposes.

What Are the Differences Between Ethereum and Bitcoin?

• While it is clear what operations you can do with the Bitcoin system, you can create new systems and new sub-coins with very different software with the Ethereum system.
• The Ethereum system is a more innovative system than the Bitcoin blockchain system.
• It takes 10 minutes for a block to form in the Bitcoin system. Since the formation time of a block in the Ethereum system is 15 seconds, the approval time is much shorter.

What is Ethereum
What is Ethereum?

How is Ethereum Mining Done?

Mining is an important factor for the continuity and security of this system with the same Bitcoin logic. In order for Ethereum mining to be done by everyone, the system requirement is not done with special production devices such as Bitcoin mining, but with a video card (GPU). The increase in the number of miners also leads to a decrease in earnings from day to day in Ethereum mining

How is Ethereum produced?

Although Ethereum production seems to be the same method as Bitcoin production, Ethereum production provides some advantages due to some small differences.
For the production of Ethereum, you must first create an Ethereum wallet. After installing the necessary programs, you can start production. You can produce it individually or you can produce it by including it in a pool. Being included in the pool will increase your production.
For the production of Ethereum, you do not need high-processor devices. production is carried out via a video card (GPU).

What is Ethereum
What is Ethereum?

How to Buy Ethereum? How is It Sold?

It is possible to easily buy Ethereum from many markets similar to Binance and where Bitcoin is traded. You can easily perform your Ethereum trading transactions by creating and activating your account.

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