The idea of the Chiliz and Socios platform, officially launched in 2019, was first conceived in 2016. Chiliz is a token designed to allow fans to support their favorite sports teams through blockchain-based interactions.

What is Chiliz?, Chiliz ($CHZ) and it is the trading platform of all sports and entertainment tokens that have in common with. It includes FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, Galatasaray, AS Roma, OG (esports DOTA2) and more. Chiliz is a Maltese-based, European blockchain-based startup with more than 60 people. Exchange and trade resources are located in Singapore and in Asia.

Chiliz Coin $CHZ Agreements & Fan Token Partnerships

FC Barcelona Fan Token

Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token

Team Heretics Fan Token

Apollon Limassol AS

Sint-Truidense Voetbalvereniging Fan Token

Galatasaray Fan Token

Roma Fan Token

Juventus Fan Token

Chiliz Young Boys Fan Token

Alliance Fan Token

İstanbul Başakşehir Fan Token


OG Fan Token

Natus Vincere Fan Token

AC Milan Fan Token

Atletico De Madrid Fan Token

Novara Calcio Fan Token

Trabzonspor Fan Token

Club Atletico Independiente

There are also jobs for the Maltese blockchain company, which also operates locations in Estonia and Switzerland. In order for football clubs to purchase fan tokens, fans must first purchase Chiliz tokens (CHZ), and then CITY and Co. it can be replaced with. The market capitalization of CHZ has skyrocketed this year and currently exceeds $ 3 billion.Since the concept is bearing fruit in Europe, CEO Dreyfus wants to bring the company to the United States with an investment of $ 50 million. NBA Top Spot’s NFTs have already shown that sports organizations there are willing to listen to the blockchain.

The Malta-based blockchain company Chiliz has the Champions League of European Football on its client list. After the best clubs in Italy, France and Spain, the leading club of the English Premier League, Manchester City, is now joining. “Manchester City fans around the world, in some mandatory and non-binding club surveys on <url>, CITY can use fan tokens to access VIP awards, club promotions, games, AR-enabled functions and voting rights,” the company says.dec. Chiliz, led by CEO Alexandre Dreyfus. Access to VIP experiences “We are very excited to launch the new Manchester City Fan Token, which will give our fans around the world another opportunity to get closer to the club they love. Fans have access to fantastic competitions and VIP experiences and can vote on club initiatives,“ he said. “Every Cityzen that is already registered also has a free token to get access to all the benefits and rewards.”With the token, fans (they are called “Cityzen” in Manchester City) should be more closely connected to the club in terms of customer loyalty with the token. Especially during Corona’s periods when stadiums are empty, this seems to more and more football clubs to be a digital extension of fan merchandising. Token sales that promise their owners more access to their stars can make money. FC Barcelona, which is also a client of Chiliz, had a turnover of over 1.2 million euros in the token sale. Leading European clubs are on board.

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