The ACM fan token allows users to compete for exclusive rewards, club recognition and more.

What is AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)?

The token acts as a membership key, allowing users to compete for exclusive rewards, club recognition, and more. ACM token holders can vote through a smart contract in the “fan decision” polls published by AC Milan. Token holders can interact with the Socios platform (voting in polls, competing in contests and quizzes, connecting/chatting with like-minded users, etc.) and can win prizes.

On the other hand, Chiliz uses chiliZ on the Ethereum Blockchain and it is an ERC-20 utility token that serves as a digital currency for its platform. While Socios was being launched, a new token category appeared as araftar Token, among other sports Blockchain initiatives. after entering its platform, the club partners host a service called the Fan Token Offer (FTO). Fans must purchase CHZ through a cryptocurrency exchange in order to obtain Fan Tokens. Unique to a team or club, these tokens are a digital asset that provides access to an encrypted voting book and membership rights ownership.

AC Milan Fan Token holders; voting in application-specific polls throughout the season,

Being part of the community AC Milan, AC Milan fan to obtain a token for free, FREE football tickets to win some of the games, guided tours and access to special areas, pre-game field experience, the opportunity to meet with team and player experiences, autographed official achieves many advantages, such as access to products.