Spezia Calcio Fan Tokens are offered on the Bitcichain infrastructure. You can also support your team by purchasing Spezia Calcio Fan Tokens and participate in special events and polls created for fans to have a say about your team.

What is a Spezia Calcio Fan Token?

Spezia Calcio is one of the most established football clubs founded in Spezia, Italy in 1906. The Spezia Calcio Football Team has entered the world of crypto currency by entering into a Token agreement with the bitcoin exchange. Spezia Calcio , SCFT Fan Token , will be available for pre-sale soon with the code.

How to Get a Spezia Calcio Fan Token ? How to Get an SCFT Token ?

You will be able to buy the SCFT Fan Token after it is pre-sold and listed on the Bitcoin exchange. SCFT Token Bitcicoin will be available at the parity of TL and USDT! . Tokens received from the pre-sale cannot be sold before the listing date arrives. After the listing day, you can perform sales transactions.

Register for Bitci Exchange to buy Spezia Fan Token https://borsa.bitci.com/en-us/register