Sion Football Club has secured a Token agreement with Bitci exchange. After the deal, Sion Fan Token was opened for trading. What is a Sion Fan Token, How to Get It ? What is a SFT Token, How to Get It ?

Listing Code : SFT Token
Total Supply : 50,000,000
Pre-Sale Supply: 20,000,000
Pre-Sale Price : 0.05 euros
Date of listing : 25.09.2021 / 15:00

Where to buy Sion Fan Token?

F.C. Sion Fan Tokens are offered on the Bitcichain infrastructure. And you, F.C. By purchasing Sion Fan Tokens, you can support your team, participate in special events and polls created for fans to have a say about your club.

How to Get a Sion Fan Token ? How to Get SFT Token ?

In order to get a Sion Fan Token, you have to become a member of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency exchange. You can become a member by clicking here.

You can start buying and selling Sion at the Bitci market right away