In this article we will explain How to Participate in Fan Token Pre-Sales ?. We will tell you about participating in the Pre-Sales of Socios , Chiliz And Bitci. Fan Tokens, are issued in order to strengthen the interaction between sports clubs and their fans, to give fans a say dec certain issues, to recognize privileges, to provide advantages. If you buy these fan tokens from the pre-sale, you can make very serious profits. Because it is usually sold cheaply on pre-sale.

The largest Fan Tokens that have been introduced so far, that is, the majority of Fan Tokens, are located on the Socios (Chiliz) and Bitci crypto exchanges. On the Socios and Bitci exchanges, Fan Tokens are offered for pre-sale as a priority. Fan tokens that have been pre-sold are then offered for listing on the cryptocurrency exchange within 1 month and 2 months. Fan Token Offerings & Pre-Sales

In order to join the newly released coins on the Bitci cryptocurrency exchange, your Bitci membership must be completed. After your membership is completed, you can participate in the pre-sales on the specified dates.

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Follow the announcements after you become a member. You can participate by making a purchase on the pre-sale day. If you follow us on social media, first of all you will be informed first of all 🙂

Chiliz & Socios FTO Pre-Sales

To buy Chiliz ( CHZ ) Fan Tokens it is the digital currency that you will use in the application. In the application you can use a debit or credit card, or you can buy it on a third-party stock exchange. After the purchase is completed, they are stored in a virtual wallet in the application.

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Step 1: Purchase of Chiliz ($CHZ)

-Go to ”Wallet“ and then select ”UPLOAD”

-Enter HOW MANY $CHZ you want to buy

Step 2: Making a payment

– Select “Continue Payment”

Select the payment option you want to use

– Select “Buy NOW”

– Select “Pay NOW”

– Enter your card information

– Select “Pay NOW”

After the payment is made, you will be notified if the payment was successful. A receipt is sent to your inbox and $CHZ is added to your Wallet.

Step 3: Buying a Fan Token

On the app, go to your club’s page

Go to your club’s page in the application

– Select Get Fan Tokens

– Enter how many Fan Tokens you want to receive

– Select Pay with $CHZ

– Select “Buy NOW”

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