AC Milan fan token ACM Coin is the asset that gives AC Milan fans a tokenized effect on club decisions using the Socios application and services.

What is AC Milan Fan Token (ACM)?

The AC Milan Fan Token (ACM) is a fan token with which Socios provides exclusive content, services and applications to AC Milan fans. AC Milan Fan Coin has a special membership function that allows users to compete for special prizes, club recognition and more. ACM Token holders can vote through smart contracts in various fan decision polls published by AC Milan. AC Milan is obliged to act on the results of the contract. ACM Coin holders can use features such as voting in polls, participating in competitions, communicating/chatting with other users through the Socios platform.

AC Milan Fan Token holders can win some prizes as long as they meet the requirements. These include various rewards such as matchday tickets, special experiences, refund offers from official store stores, bonuses for the application, digital badges, club-specific NFTs.

Where to Buy ACM fan token?

ACM Coin can be bought and sold safely on Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of transaction volume. The ACM/USDT, ACM/BUSD and ACM/BTC trading pairs are active on Binance. The AC Milan Fan Token is trading at $8,73 as of the time of this writing.

In order to purchase AC Milan Fan Coin, you must be a member of the Binance exchange and then send fiat currency or crypto money to your passbook. If there are enough balances in your account, you need to select one of the ACM/USDT, ACM/BUSD or ACM/BTC pairs and specify the amount you want to receive. After specifying the amount, the purchase process takes place.