Did you know that Galatasaray Sports Club, one of the most powerful football teams in Turkey, has its own cryptocurrency ? These crypto coins, which are referred to as Fan Tokens, make it possible to trade on crypto exchanges, in addition to giving users the right to speak about sports clubs. So What Exactly is a Galatasaray Fan Token, How to Get It? What is a GAL Token , How to Get It ? How Much is a Galatasaray Fan Token?

What is Galatasaray Fan Token? What is GAL Token?

Galatasaray Fan Tokens have been developed and manufactured in the infrastructure of Socios and Chiliz. Socios and Chiliz is a global company that provides digital currency for these sports clubs by entering into agreements with various sports clubs. In addition, the company has its own cryptocurrency, called Chiliz. Thanks to the GAL Fan Token, you can also have a say in your team, except for trading. Galatasaray Fan Token was listed on the Socios stock exchange on 04/02/2020 with a pre-sale price of TL 10. The Pre-Sale ended on 31/05/2020. Its total supply is 10,000,000 GAL units. The circulating supply (as of the date of the article) is 3,507,572 GAL units.

How to Buy Galatasaray Fan Token? How to Get GAL Token?

When you decide to buy Galatasaray Fan Tokens, you must first register directly on cryptocurrency trading sites. The first thing you will do after registering on one of these sites or sites is to authenticate. You need to upload your ID to the system in the form of a front-to-back. Some exchanges ask for selfies. This varies depending on the site where you will be registering. When you decide to trade GAL Tokens, you can see that most of them are listed on the stock exchange

Register for Chiliz exchange https://www.chiliz.net/en-us/register/nfoahQ