As Roma Fan Token (ASR) is the own cryptocurrency of the AS Roma football team. ASR, which was launched with the Chiliz partnership, which made a very rapid entry into the crypto currency sector, may be neither the first nor the last fan token. ASR, which is part of the Chiliz cryptocurrency ecosystem, is also supported on Socios.

Chiliz has created many club-specific fan tokens, enabling them to both increase fan support and support the club. While fan tokens have created a revenue gateway for clubs, they have also paved the way for fans to access many features that they previously could not access. Socios has not only made football-oriented deals and has recently signed many Formula1-oriented partnerships with e-sports. So how exactly do fan tokens work and what can users do with them?

What is ASR Fan Token (ASR)?

AS Roma Fan Token holders can have a say in important decisions about the club. In october, AS Roma Fan Coin has opened a revenue door for fans by offering continuous use and circulation. Using the AS Roma Fan Token, it is possible to decide on the color of the club’s jersey, the music that will play when the goal is scored, or an important development.
As of the moment of writing this article, AS Roma Fan Coin is trading at $6.69 and has a total market capitalization of $ 8 million. 869. the ASR Coin, which ranks next, has a total supply of 10 million, but only 1,220 million of it are in circulation. The fact that the volume of this is more than 1 million dollars in the last 24 hours indicates that the interest is very high.

Where to Buy ASR Coin?

ASR Coin is located on the new trading platform called the Innovation Zone of the Binance crypto currency exchange. ASR Coin, which has risen to $25 by entering Binance, one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world, still has Binance support, although it has fallen hard.
To receive ASR Coins, you can send BTC to the Binance exchange or receive BTC through other assets. After you have BTC in your hand, it is possible to buy and use AS many ASR Fan Coins as you want via the ASR/BTC trading pair.

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