We are happy to announce this news: Bitcicoin Staking has been activated on Bitci Exchange. Now you can do flexible or locked Staking with Bitcicoin on Bitci.com Exchange. You can get high stake rewards in your locked stake transactions.

What is Bitcicoin Staking?

Staking is the process of keeping only your Bitcicoins at the initial stage to support Bitcicoin operations, and other tokens and fan tokens in your wallet for a certain period of time in the following periods without locking, spending or transferring them.

How Does Bitcicoin Staking Work?

Staking can be used in different options where staking your Bitcicoins can be stopped within specified periods of time or at any time with a lower rate of return. In order to be able to stake, Bitcicoins must be in the “available balance” section. Balances that are locked in open orders or earlier are not included in the “available balance”.

Who Can Join Bitcicoin Staking?

Anyone who has enough Coins or tokens in his account to cover the minimum Stake amount can participate in the betting.

Which Cryptocurrencies Is Staking Valid?

For now, the staking process is only valid for Bitcicoin, Bitcichain’s mainnet coin.

How Many Different Ways Can I Stake Bitcicoin?

You can bet Bitcicoin in two different ways: Locked Stake and Flexible Stake.

In the Locked Stake option, your balance remains locked until the day you lock it, and october balance and additional reward are transferred to your account 24 hours after the stake expires.

In the Flexible Stake option, you can cancel the amount you have staked at any time. in case of cancellation before 24 hours, the prize cannot be won. For additional Bitcicoin october, the amount you have staked must remain in the staking system for a minimum of 24 hours.

Can I Get My Assets Back Before Staking Time?

You can withdraw your assets before the completion of the Staking process. In Flexible Staking, the acquisition of a Stake reward occurs in transactions that are canceled ahead of time.

However, cancellation cannot be performed via Locked Staking.

What are the Differences Between Locked Stakes and Flexible Stakes?

Locked Stake offers you multiple staking options at different time intervals. You can see the gift rates for the specified amounts and you can make a stake transaction according to these rates.

The coins or tokens you have staked will be transferred to your account 24 hours after the end of the stake period.

Flexible Stake is a staking option that allows you to stake for a minimum of 24 hours. You can terminate your transactions at any time via Flexible Stake. You will receive your october Bitcicoins on the number of days that coincide with the date when the Staking process was stopped.

In exchange for Staking for a minimum of 24 Hours in the Flexible option, you will have Bitcicoin earnings at the specified rates. Transactions that are Staked for less than 24 Hours october not benefit from the opportunity to receive additional Bitcicoin.

The coins or tokens you have staked will be transferred to your account 24 hours after the end of the stake period.

One-Piece Stake Limit;
Maximum: 1 Million Bitcicoin
Minimum: 100 Bitcicoin

Total Stake Limit;
Total Stake Amount: 5 Million Bitcicoin
Total Number of Stakes: 50 pcs

Note: The amounts mentioned above show the total maximum and minimum numbers of Locked Staking and Flexible Staking amounts.

How Do I Calculate My Staking Income?

Principal X annual stake rate (%) X number of days / 36500
That is, if you stake 10,000 Bitcicoin with a maturity rate of 9% from 30 days;
You will receive a reward of 10,000 X 9 X 30 / 36500 = 73.98 Bitcicoin

Can I See the Total Staked Amount?

You can see it in the Details section where the summary information is written in the upper right side of the Staking page.

Does the Amount Staked Matter in Fan Token Pre-Sales?

For Fan Token pre-sales, you must have “Available” Bitcicoin in the amounts set on the Limits page. The Bitcicoin you have staked are not included in this total amount. If you stake all your Bitcicoin, you will need to have Bitcicoin in your spot wallet again according to the amounts specified on the Limits page in order to participate in Fan Token pre-sales.

Can I Get Rewarded If I Get Back the Coins or Tokens I Staked Early?

In Locked Staking, if it is canceled before the locked time, the stake reward cannot be used.
You can cancel at any time in the Flexible Staking option.

When the Market Drops, Am I Guaranteed to Earn a Return on Staking?

Yes, you are guaranteed to get a return on all stakes with an expired lock.

If you don’t have an account on Bitci Exchange, you can register by clicking here and get your free 100 Liras worth of Bitcicoin (expires in 15.11.2021)  gift and start staking