crypto currency exchange will implement a Fan Token Buyback Guarantee for the first time in the world at monday September 27, 2021. The Buyback Guarantee process, which will be implemented for the first time in the fan token market in the world, has been highly appreciated by investors. Investors will be able to return fan tokens at the pre-sale price, thus eliminating all losses.

More details about the Buyback Guarantee

Bitci Technology, one of the world’s leading fan token platforms, has made a great innovation and guaranteed a buyback on fan tokens. Bitchi Technology has agreements with such world giants as the Brazilian and Spanish National Teams, Mclaren Formula 1 Team, FIBA, MotoGP, Wolves, Sporting Lisbon.

The Buyback Guarantee will apply to the fan tokens of all football and basketball teams within Bitci. ANKA Token, Ankagücü’s fan token, which has been offered free of charge to all Bitcicoin investors using the Airdrop method, will also be excluded from this buyback process during the pre-sale process held in recent months.

It will instantly switch to accounts!

Referrals to the relevant section for a Buyback Guarantee it will be provided via the website. Investors who click on the corresponding tab will be able to return their fan tokens at the TL price they received at the pre-sale with just a few clicks here. The current amount of Bitcicoin corresponding to the pre-sale price of the fan token based on TL will be instantly reflected in the account of investors who have approved the refund option.

Fan tokens will be refundable within 186 days

The following are the issues that investors should pay attention to within the scope of the Buyback Guarantee application:

-As part of the Buyback Guarantee, investors will only be able to return the asset as many as the number of fan tokens they received from the pre-sale. In other words, if an investor has received 1,000 units from the pre-sale of an X fan token, the number of X fan tokens he can return will not exceed 1,000.
-After the listing date of the relevant fan token, investors who sell the said token at a loss will also re-buy these tokens from the current market conditions they will be able to return it to the. Here, too, the upper limit on the number of tokens will be as much as received from the pre-sale.
-Fan Tokens will be refundable within 186 days from the date of pre-sale.

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